Wish that DJ’s and Producers Say a Lot

Don’t be a cheesy producer! These are 11 different phrases you have most likely heard many times if you are any way involved in the DJing community.
It’s not a crime to be corn syrupy as a can of soda. But anyone can say these things and seem like they might be a notable DJ. Here are a bunch of things that DJ’s and music producers say all the time.

1. “No requests!”

In the year 2016 only wedding jockey’s take requests. Yet a surprising amount of party goers approach club DJ’s asking if they will play a certain song. Demanding they play music is a great way to piss off a DJ, which is often expressed by means of a “No requests!” sticker on their laptop.

2. “Analog is superior to digital.”

You may not be able to hear the difference with your untrained ears, but every real DJ knows that analog music is better than digital. For some reason it is considered preferable to spend most of the time hunting for rare vinyl all over town and the internet, then familiarize yourself with it’s every nuance, and then lug crates full of record to various nightclubs. Why don’t you trade in your car for a horse too?

3. “DJ AM is my hero!”

Who could forget DJ AM’s legacy and all his greatest hits like…Wait what songs did he write again? He was also addicted to crack.

4. “I love the city where I live!”

Most DJ’s take pride in their hometown, especially the ones that have lived there for their whole life. For a lot of DJ’s this is a way to appeal to their local audience. Others just aren’t too bright. I’m so surprised that you enjoy the place that you inhabit. That must be why you choose to live there. Maybe you should get it tattooed on your face.

5. “Listen to my mixtape!”

Normal people barely have enough time to listen to original productions for three minutes, let alone a random person’s arrangement of songs for three hours.

6. “Follow me on Snapchat!”

No I will not follow you on Snapchat. You don’t follow me!

7. “You’re invited to my party!”

At some point you realize that most club nights are the same. There are literally millions party flyers out there and they all have a triangle and a model on them. Some DJ’s have sent out Facebook invitations to their entire friend list each week since the year 2008.

8. “SoundCloud took my remix down.”

This is a fairly regular complaint made by producers on their social media feeds. It doesn’t seem fair that some bootleg remixes and mixtapes stay up while others don’t. But it happens to everyone! That may change in the near future though.

9. “I’m a real DJ.”

What does that even mean? You’re not a animatronic robot? In order to be a real DJ first you have to define what that symbolizes. Is it anyone that gets paid to play music? Maybe they have to be a turntablist?

10. “Pay the DJ!”

Nothing enrages an established club DJ more than subpar wages. Just so you know $50 per night is not an acceptable booking fee for someone with such extensive knowledge of pop culture and clubbing.

11. “I love my job!”

It’s important to love what you do, which is one of the best parts of being a DJ. But talking about how blessed you are too much agitates people, especially when you’re talking about something mundane like going to a concert or driving a Prius. Many people have to work jobs they don’t like to pay the bills, and you shouldn’t rub their faces in it.

SOURCE: bpmsupreme.com

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