Tritonal x Sam Smith x Maor Levi – La La Now Or Never (ARMNHMR Bootleg)

ARMNHMR is the unique collaboration hailing from the sun drenched shores of the Los Angeles skyline. Composed of Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella, the duo seeks to prove them as the next driving force in the electronic dance music scene.

After only a few months, the duo’s rise to success has grown exponentially. The cliché of “unique” and “genre-blending” to describe the ARMNHMR falls extremely short. The duo ARMNHMR has already achieved extraordinary success immediately after their first original production, “A Sight Scene”. Original productions and remixes are the name of the game for these young producers — priding each release as a sound unique in its own right. In recent months, ARMNHMR have found tremendous feedback with their genre blending bootlegs that have been played all throughout the states.

Natural born entertainers, the duo have already established a firm grasp in the Los Angeles nightlife. Having performed at several top Los Angeles venues at an early stage, ARMNHMR have opened for Luck Date, and Designer Drugs, and many more.


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