“The school was a mess” – NY based DJ school, Dubspot under fire by disgruntled students & staff

Thump recently released a story about a popular DJ and production school in New York ripping off students and staff. The school in question is Dubspot, but more specifically the one on the hotplate is the CEO, Dan Giove.

David Garber of Thump broke the story 5/16/2017 and since then it’s been floating around DJ forums and social media. So what exactly is happening?

Dan Giove is essentially under fire from multiple lawsuits ranging from $150 to $10,000 worth of damages brought on by many upset students.

One student, Nina Braith, spent a total $4,396 for an Ableton Live Producer Certificate course offered at Dubspot’s NY location. There was no start-date or any information offered to Nina after she signed up, so she went to the school to seek answers. When she got there, she noticed there was barely any equipment to be seen. When she finally found a staff member, she was “rudely asked to leave.”

As well as its enormous effect on students, the staff is also owed a considerable amount of income from the CEO.

Read more on the story at Thump.

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