The Difference between Bootlegs and Mashups

I have seen too many people using the wrong word between Bootleg and Mashup. I would like to enlighten you with this article.


1. Bootleg


A Bootleg is an “unreleased” or “unofficial” remix of a track. Generally, a bootleg is made with parts of the original track and other sounds and instruments added by the bootlegger himself.
Some bootleggers use more than one track to do a bootleg and add certain parts of other music to have more rhythm. This kinds of tracks are also considered as bootlegs because the creation of new rhythms by mixing several parts of songs is complex to release.


2. Mashup


A Mashup uses different elements of two or more tracks linked together.
Generally, the producer add an acapella on a track or use the verse from a track and the chorus from an other.
In order to well mix the tracks together, you can add risers, percussions etc…


3. Reboot, Remake, Reload


A Reboot is a rework of a popular mashup in order to make it download able. It’s relatively easy to do and many Dj’s do it to increase their popularity on internet.
On, we are found of reboots and we offer you the opportunity to have your track shared on the website, if your reboot is well done.
To see all mashups that we would love to reboot, visit the category “coming soon” :


Example of BOOTLEGS on the website :


(this is a bootleg, an unofficial remix).


(Same example with a classic).


(in this example, we can say that it’s a bootleg because there are a lot of sounds used by Loo & Placido that change completely the originals tracks).



Example of MASHUPS on the website :

(This is a mashup, Kaskade added a vocal on the track).


(Same example, with more than two tracks).



Example of REBOOT on the website :

(This is a reboot of the mashup initially made by David Guetta. The difference between the two tracks is almost not audible but the reboot is store on Internet !).


So most of you guys are doing mashups 😉

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