Steve Aoki shows off $110k sneaker collection

DJs love shoes. But do they love them as much as Steve Aoki?

Hypebeast and StockX TV teamed up recently to talk about all things sneakers, from the current values of the last three big Nike releases, fantasy Yeezy collections, to Aoki’s insane shoe closet showcased in his Vegas playhouse.

The world famous EDM DJ showed off his home along with his incredible sneaker collection, valued at over $110k. He’s got everything from Adidas, to Yeezys, to his own special edition collabs with various brands.

Aoki claims that he “probably has the largest Jeremy Scott Adidas collection in the world” since half of his shoe collection are Adidas sneakers and he has a strong friendship with Scott.

His sneaker inspiration started largely because of his good friend, DJ AM. Aoki says that he put him on to collecting sneakers, specifically Jordans, and also helped to inspire his DJ career. Among his sneakers are a pair of official AM Jordan sneakers that are one of his favorites, especially after DJ AM’s passing in 2009.

Steve Aoki currently has over 400 pairs of shoes.

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