NICKYP – Young talented Producer from USA shows his secrets!

NICKYP – Young talented Producer from USA shows his secrets!

How did you find your DJ nickname NickyP? There is some connection with your real name?
My real name is Nicholas Potoczny. And my whole life people would always call me NICKYP, from teachers, classmates, and friends. When I became a DJ and had to think of a name it was the first thing that popped up!

Who is actually your favorite artist but explain why?
Definitely Fedde Le Grand. He always advises young artists to follow their heart and find their own sound. Instead of just conforming to the current trends. He is also one of the first DJs I saw live. And have to say he really knows how to put on a show without any cheesey tricks like using a mic. Aside from him I really look up to Tiesto as well. He is the most iconic DJ and always is pushing himself to new limits and reinventing his sound without loosing who he is. Also love Skrillex. His attitude on the scene and life in general is so positive. He is one of the smartest guys out there I think. What he does for the scene here in the States, no one else at the moment pushes so hard to keep America a home for EDM.

What do you think about music industry nowadays?
I think we are actually in a real amazing place at the moment. After the whole big room trend died out a bit. Where every DJ was playing the same formula, huge melodic breakdown followed by the massive typical drop. It seems now people are starting to go back to their roots. There is no one sound or style that is really dominating the scene. You have DJs playing everything from Big Room, Hardstyle, Housey Stuff, Tropical, Trap, to Wobbly and everything in between. It is super refreshing to see labels and artists not scared to try something new or different. It truly is a blessing to see so many different sounds hitting the stages and its only the beginning!

What is your goals for next years?
I really want to establish the whole Future Electro movement. Continue to give fans of Electro something new to groove to. I love shufflers, led shoes, and all the new cultural trends at festivals. I am actually really good friends with Val, the owner of Shuffle Babes out on the West Coast. We do a lot of collaborations with my releases and it’s great to push a new movement into the whole EDM scene. I really just want to give people a taste of the future. Give people a chance to fast forward to the year 2100 for just one night. Its almost like when you listen to my productions or see me live you get to hop in your own personal time machine. I think after the whole Big Room trend Electro really went stale. I kind of took it upon myself to reinstate credibility to the genre, and make Electro cool again. Electro is in my blood and my goal is to take the movement as far as it can go!

The best moment in your musical life so far?
So far I think it was playing out a production for the first time. Back in 2014 at an underground rave in Brooklyn called the Cloud Factory. I played out my debut original Hard Wired for the first time to a huge crowd of ravers. After the drop when the track went into the break everyone was cheering. It really is a super unique experience to get such a great reaction the first time ever playing one of your originals.

What is your plan for 2016?
I will have about 3-4 more releases after Metallic before the end of the year. Metallic so far in my opinion is my best production and really showcases who I am as an artist. The rest of the music to follow will have that unique future ring to it. I actually have a hybrid bass house track with a trap break and a hip hop vocal. It is a collab with my Russian Mates Da Rave. Its one of the coolest tunes I have had the pleasure of working on and is bad as F*CK. I really want to go into 2017 giving people that taste of what will come in the next few years in the EDM scene.

How is your experience with
You guys are F*CKING AWESOME! It is really a blessing to have guys as yourself who are there to promote artists and give them a chance to be heard. Without your support I truly would not be where I am now!

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