LODATO! Already 4 years experience with HouseBootlegs.com!

Lodato – Favorite Producer from USA shows his secrets!

How did you find nickname, LODATO?
It all dates back too when my ancestors… its my last name lol

Can you tell us popular artist that inspired you in your life?
So many to name but if I had to pick two I would have to say, Tiesto and Shaun Frank

Imagine that you are not DJ/Producer what will be your favorite job?
I would have to say being a Homicide Detective.

What’s your goal in life?
To leave a mark before I go.

Which equipment u prefer any why?
To DJ – Pioneer all day because hey, their the best!

To Produce – Cubase because it gave me the tools I needed to get my ideas out quicker

How was the start of your career? Any funny story?
Well thanks to my sister for meeting the #1 DJ in the world at the time, DJ Skribble. Which he gave me my first set of turntables and the rest is history.

What is your plans for upcoming years?
Just too keep making music and too check off on my Bucket list some of the artist I would like to work with…

What do you think about the music industry in 2017?
Saturated… most people would take it as a negative but I take it as a positive because it forces the artist to work harder and to bring out the best in the them.

What’s the biggest success in your career?
“Older” going to number 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart and over a million Spotify streams

How is your experience with HouseBootlegs.com?
It has being an AMAZING !!!! There is no other website like it. I put my first Bootleg Pack out back in 2013 with Housebootlegs.com and they were the first too support me. Thanks HB :))))


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