Nicci vs X-Change – Leaves (X-Change Remix)


We love to think out of the box and thats why we have this brand new release for you. You won’t expect this track on Desire Recordings, but the track is to good to avoid it. There is a story behind this amazing release. As we know Nicci and X-Change from Hollywood (usa) we couldn’t find a better plan than to release this remix. Nicci has released “Leaves” (the original track) last year and we were directly in love with her voice. “Leaves” has such a magical touch and vibe that we had to do something with it. We asked X-Change to remix this track and to work together with Nicci on a remix release. X-Change and Nicci are a team made out of Gold and they have already did a collab on “The Last Time”

We are extremely happy to present you this progressive house remix track and we are pretty sure that you will love it. Give it a spin and feel the love of the magnificent vocals by Nicci and the non stop goodfeeling festival vibes from X-Change

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