Katrin Johansson – Free Your Mind

​Katrin Johansson has surprised us a lot with this amazing release. Born in Sweden but currently living in Helsinki (Denmark) with a beautiful voice and a huge talent for music. “Free Your Mind” had that unique pop / dance vibe. The way this track has been build brings a totally great mix between pop and dance music. Uplifting but in the same time a goodfeeling track.

We love the way how you hear and feel the passion of Katrin in this track. You can hear everything! Music, Vocals even her heartbeating in the end of the track. We are more than sure that this track has got a lot of producing time as you can simply catch every little sound and instrument in this track.

“Free Your Mind” starts slowly and uplifting as a sweet innocent song, but than after 45 seconds you will meet the cool version of Katrin where she’s totally rocking this track.

“Free Your Mind” has made it this week to the Dutch Dance Top 40 on Spotify.

(Wesley Fransen)

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