John Martin Vs. Tiesto & Dzeko & Torres Vs. Firebeatz Vs. Coldplay – Anywhere For Bazooka (HVB Edit)

John Martin – Anywhere For You (Tiesto Vs. Dzeko & Torres Remix)
w/ Coldplay – Viva La Vida (Original Mix)
w/ Firebeatz – Bazooka (Original Mix)

Key is 5B (Em)

I really find that VARIETY works great in my live sets, so with this I hit the audience with the nice melodic major key then on the 16 bar build it switches from major to minor for the Firebeatz buildup / drop and goes strict evil, catching everyone off guard and the crowd goes nuts. Then back into the melodic major happiness! And you just know the audience wants to hear the real drop so, keeping up with my motto of variety, I psych them out by bringing in the minor key Bazooka song again on the second build up, but then bring back the happiness of Dzeko & Torres for the second drop. Completely fulfilling everyone 🙂 Enjoy!

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