Interview with PATAY from Trondheim Norway

1. What’s your plan for upcoming years?

I want to work as much as I can with my passion… Music. My plan is to take it to the next level and build a solid team to take my music out to as many people as possible.

2. Imagine that you have a chance to perform with your dreamy artist…who it will be?

It’s hard to pick among so many great performing artists, but I have a dream of putting together an amazing act with a whole orchestra, live instruments and vocalists.

3. Any tips for producer’s beginners? 

 Except from all the obvious stuff like music theory, production techniques etc. My tips would be: Don’t try to be any other then yourself, and don’t be afraid to involve people who is greater than yourself. You can’t do everything by yourself and a team of talented people that you trust is key to take any big vision to the next level.  Also stay true to your philosophy and build a fanbase who really like you for who you are and what you give back to them.

4. How was your first gig?

I have to laugh a bit when I think of it, my first gig ever was at a very big club in Bali called Bounty discotheque… probably around 2000 people.  Coming from a pretty small town in Norway, with only bedroom practice, you can bet that my adrenaline was pumping pretty hard when I played my first ever hour at a big club in exotic Bali

5. What’s your favorite food and why?

That’s a though one! I really like a lot of different food. I try to eat healthy, but I’m a real sucker for sweats, specially chocolate & salty caramel. 

6. Imagine that you will not be connected with music…what else you like?

I love to work out, for me it’s important to work out for keeping both my body and soul fresh.  I also love to get out and getin touch with new and interesting people, It gives me so much to spread & share humor, love and happiness with other people. Therefore I love to go out and talk to new people and to catch up with friends. It’s also important for me to spend time with my family every now and then. Specially because I’m spending a lot of time with working with my passion, trying to make my dreams come true. Spreading music and love out there

7. What did you like when you were a child?

Probably what most other child’s like to do, playing around with friends, videogames with god friends and of course a dream of being a football player, but as you can see… that isn’t happening. Hehe


8. Which person is a idol for you? Doesn’t need to be a DJ or Producer but explain why

A idol for me is a person who can make people around themselves believe in themselves and give them confidence and inspiration to at least try to fulfill their dreams or goals in life. It does not necessary have to be a bad thing to fail, at least you have tried, and probably learnt a lot from it. And, you can always go back to do something else later. For me this person actually is “Petter Stordalen”. He is a Norwegian entrepreneur who started with nothing, and built Scandinavia’s biggest hotel-empire. He is running he’s business with a string believe & trust in he’s employees and that everyone can solve tasks in their own way and to make god decisions for the company. He also says that people should quit more often to follow their ambitions in life.

When it comes to music, I like to pic a bit from a lot of great musicians & artist’s. There is so much to learn from many of them. I feel that it’s a lot better to get inspiration of the thing’s that you like from different artists than to copy someone.

9. What was the most favorite track you ever heard? 

One favorite track is almost impossible to choose. I like so many kinds of music and I probably change favorite track every week (hehe).

10. How is your experience with 

My experience with is outstanding. As I mentioned before I’m very keen to build a solid team around me, and think that’s key to have a god team to get anywhere this days. As an independent artist in early stages of my career it’s very important to get god help with reaching out to people and possible fans. I would never be able to hit as powerful as I am now with marketing without their help. is a key partner in my team.

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