Hydrah – Siren [EP]

We had the pleasure to meet Hydrah this summer in Amsterdam. The world is packed with awesome artists and Hydrah is one of them for sure! A lovely girl with a golden hearth for music.


Hydrah has deliverd a massive EP with 5 tracks. Hydrah is what you call a real artist who lives for creating music. Not only a producer, but also a singer, songwriter and true artist.

“Beauty in chaos” has been written by Hydrah and also produced by Hydrah and best of it, she’s also responsible for the vocals. So now you know why we call Hydrah a true artist if you put a lot of time and passion in creating your own music for 100%

“Beauty in chaos” is not a daily EDM song or a random dance track, it’s more than that. If you have a chance to catch Hydrah live somewhere live on stage in the world, than please go and you will understand why we are so excited about this release.

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