How Will the Redesigned MacBook Affect DJ’s?

The new MacBooks are arriving and the one thing on every DJ’s mind is whether it will affect their DJ hardware and software. Read more!

Apple’s latest version of the MacBook has a lot of new features that may or may not affect your live DJ set up. This after we just got over the big MacOS Sierra update.
Size and Shape – According to Apple the new design is 14-17% thinner and about half-a-pound lighter, making it smaller than the MacBook Air — which has been discontinued. The 13-inch model weighs three pounds, and the 15.5-inch one is just four pounds. This should make them easier to lug around in a DJ bag on the road.

Touch Bar – The MacBook’s function keys have been replaced by a retina display bar or touch screen. This Touch Bar changes configurations based on what software is running at the time. Depending on how fast developers can update their software, we should see some unique shortcuts popping up that could make DJing more versatile. DJTechTools reports that Algoriddim’s DJ Pro already runs on the Touch Bar, enabling producers to create loops and filters on the fly.
Applications – The first applications to get updates will be the ones created by Apple. The Touch Bar supports the latest version of Final Cut Pro, and shows an interactive view of the video timeline. Potentially this could be applied to audio editing software as well so that the entire waveform is displayed on the touchscreen.

Display – Producers may be interested in the LG UltraFine 5K display specifically built for the new Macbook Pro. The new units can support two monitors at a time for an expanded work view that is also crystal clear. The “ultimate docking station” can charge the MacBook as it is displaying it.
Ports and Jacks – There are four USB ports on the new MacBooks, but they are the Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports that only take USB 3.0 drives. Yes Apple has included a headphone jack for DJ’s. But instead of a MagSafe connector (the magnetic thing at the end of the cord that attaches the power cable) the MacBook charges through it’s Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C ports. So if you run into it on accident during a set, there’s a chance you may pull the entire thing off the table.

The MacBook Pro is available from the Apple Store at price points that vary between $1,499 to $2,799, and financing plans are available. Visit them online for an in-depth look at the technical specifications. And check out the demo video below.


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