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World Welcome dear visitors,

There are several ways to follow the website :



– Go to our page.
– Hover your mouse over where it says “LIKED” and click on “ADD TO INTERESTS LISTS” (Facebook is now asking us to pay to ‘promote’ every post we make. which means that if we don’t give them money, Facebook will now only let about 10% of our followers receive each update we post….)

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RSS feeds

Rss feeds allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in and that, directly in your browser !

We integrated one feed per category on the website, choose your favorite one !

– All posts : feed/
– Best tracks : category/best-bootlegs/feed/
– Bootleg Packs : category/bootlegs-packs/feed/
– Bootlegs tracks : category/bootlegs-tracks/feed/
– Mashups : category/mashups/feed/
– House / Progressive : category/bootlegs-tracks/_-house-progressive/feed/
– Electro / Dubstep : category/bootlegs-tracks/_-electro-dubstep/feed/
– TechHouse / Techno : category/bootlegs-tracks/_-techhouse-techno/feed/
– Trance : category/bootlegs-tracks/_-trance/feed/



Be updated when we upload something before anybody else on your Soundcloud’s dashboard !
We save to favorites all the tracks that are stored on Soundcloud. So you can see all our favorites tracks on your dashboard 😉
Very easy and quick way to get in touch !

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Visit the website daily or weekly 🙂

That’s maybe the best method to never miss any sounds added to the website !
Note that you can listen to the sounds with these categories :
Bootlegs Packs
Best tracks
Classic Bootlegs
Edits / Intros
House & Progressive sounds
Electro & Dubstep sounds
TechHouse & Techno sounds
Trance sounds
Coming Soon (The mashups that you can reboot and we’ll publish it online !)

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Many thanks and have a good time on House Bootlegs !

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