Arin Tone – Talented dutch DJ & Producer shows his secrets!

We think that almost everybody who likes to check the news about the DJs & Producers knows talented guy called Arin Tone. This raising star accept our invitation and We are coming with some hot news for you Guys!

When did you start DJing?
I started DJ’ing when I was 15. I learned it through Traktor Kontrol S4 from a friend of mine, we started DJ’ing together, and since the controller was so small, it was kind of annoying to have 4 hands on decks. So I decided to add the Maschine to add some live elements to the show.
The problem with that is that almost every club has the Pioneer CDJ’s, so I started learning to play with those and now I know enough to make the clubs go wild ;).

Why did you start DJing?
Since I’m a producer, you sometimes need to see how your own tracks work on the dance floor, and the best way to test that is to play them yourself in front of a crowd.

What was your biggest experience so far?
As a DJ, I have to say BCM Mallorca. It has been one of the best clubs for years now and boy, I can fully agree with that. The people are amazing, the show is amazing and the crowd is so energetic. I hope to drop a set there again this year!

As a producer, my biggest experience is the day that John Christian saw something in me and gave me a studio to develop my skills. He has been my mentor for 4 years now.
I think a lot of producers forget where they come from and start to get real cocky, but I think the start of a career is the best experience anyone can have. It’s hard or painful sometimes and you can get demotivated really quick, but when you look back at that and see where you are now, I think it gives you the best feeling in the world.

Biggest example/idol?
My biggest inspiration is Hans Zimmer. I love cinematic stuff, and I think he does genius things every time. If you would remove the music from a movie, you lose the whole feeling and that’s why it inspires me so much!

What is your upcoming release?
That is going to be “Transmission” on Freeway Recordings, it’s something quite experimental. This is one of those tracks you’re either going to hate or love. Not going to say too much about it, I will let the music speak for itself ;).

What can you tell our readers about yourself?
Well people already know that I’m a producer and DJ, but they might not know that I work on a lot of other projects as well, like EDC Las Vegas and some of the biggest Dutch music acts.
Also I love to share knowledge and help people out, so if you have more questions you can check me out on Facebook, I’m going to start doing a weekly livestream there!

What are your future plans?
My future plans are to make loads of new music, get more bookings and great collaborations! I also hope to get to a point where I can really help people to get out there, a lot of unique and creative artists are still waiting for that one chance!

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