3 reasons why being a DJ will help make you a better producer

Producing music is difficult. Despite what you may have heard, it’s not that easy to produce an original track. Even though there is an abundance of music writing technology at your disposal, there are crucial elements in the song writing process that many of us might be lacking (or not utilizing).

Yes, you have to be creative and should have a good sense of music theory, but those with a DJing background should have an upper hand at the music production process.

Here’s why:

  1. Remember the hours of digging & listening you’ve done when preparing your sets and/or mixes? Turns out that could be a key element in understanding fundamental musicality.

  1. Audio Levels & Balance

If you’ve DJ’d a few venues, you probably considered the venue size, where your decks and speakers will be located, and overall noise output. As you played more and more venues, you may have found that little things matter in relation to how your set will sound to the audience. There are physical elements of the venue that are major factors in constructing a pleasing sound for your audience.

All of these considerations are vital in leveling out your recordings with acoustically balanced sounds.

  1. Studying your intended audience before a set.

As a DJ, you have to take a close look at who exactly you’re going to be playing for. If the audience at the venue is usually geared towards hip-hop, then you know to lean towards more of a hip-hop heavy set. This is a good habit to have when approaching the music production process.

As a producer, if you want to reach your listeners you need to step out of your comfort zone and get into engaging the community you’re trying to write for. Envision who will get the most out of the music you are creating. Show more empathy to your intended listeners by writing for them, not at them.

Source: bpmsupreme.com

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